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vol(ano Telegram Android theme

Since the people of Telegram Android released the theme compatibility in version 3.17, i’m working on porting all my Telegram desktop themes to Android, with this clever movement you all can have the couple mobile/desktop ftw 😜.

vol(ano (volcano) was my third theme for Telegram desktop but is the first one i release for Android, if you didn’t know: The darkness is combined with powerful lava (orange) accents and some subtle transparencies, if you like it you can support us with a Paypal donation .

Changelog and downloads:

v0.8.1 (12/02/18)
– Quick color fixes.

v0.8 (09/02/18)
– Styled saved messages
– Dimmed orange lava foreground color text for people with no avatar
– Lighter background color for text selection

v0.7 (30/09/17)
– Bright background color for muted notifications.
– Fixed: Color mark checkboxes (Example: Disk and network usage – Storage Usage – Clear Cache)
– Fixed: Checked radio background (Example: Calls – Use less data for calls)

v0.6 (05/04/17)
– Added new properties
– Color fixes

v0.5 (21/03/17)
– Color fixes
– Compressed background

v0.4 (26/02/17)
– Fixed: Background with lava was too bright 🌞
– Transparencies in chats (There is no bug in Android version πŸ˜‰)
– Reworked a lot of colors adjusting brightness for more usability
– Other changes: links, icons, compose area, service, bots and more…

v0.3 (23/02/17)
– New background
– Lava: date/replies
– Transparent: chat & spam/pinned bg
– Color enhancements and fixes

v0.2 (22/01/17)
– Added transparencies in/out chats
– Styled the secret chat
– Fixed white text in submenus
– Fixed yellow text on go down arrow

v0.1 (21/02/17)
– Initial buggy version πŸ‘€

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