Screenshot of kap5ule Telegram desktop theme

kap5ule Telegram desktop theme

Our official theme for Telegram desktop is a dark black theme with powerful lemon (yellow) accents and some transparencies, it was featured in fifth place on official telegram themes channel and now it have more than 185k views, if you like it you can support us with a Paypal donation .

Changelog and downloads:

v1.0 (10/01/18)
– Styled saved messages
– Dimmed green lemon foreground color text for people with no avatar

v0.9 (28/02/17)
– Sending clock vol(ano tdesktop theme style ^^
– Reverted service color
– Styled links
– Fixed color in multimedia files (thanks @capdebolet)

v0.8 (25/02/17)
– New background
– Transparencies in chats (* There is a Telegram small bug that shows triangles in chat message corners when they are selected, hope they fix in future versions)
– Reworked a lot of colors adjusting brightness for more usability

v0.7 (18/02/17)
– Redesigned welcome screen

v0.6 (15/02/17)
– New color and bg for tooltips
lemooooooon mellow πŸ‹!:
+ Check marks
+ Chats data
+ Send confirmation
– New nick colors for big groups/channels
– New color/transparency when you download files
– Few color corrections

v0.5 (16/01/17)
– Updated background for pinned message
Astonishing shadows everywhere πŸ˜™
– Darker scrolls: Now are just the bright enough to be easily usable
– Chat redesign:
+ Color corrections
+ New shadows
+ Bright color text
+ New transparent selection

v0.4 (15/01/17)
The darkness has you πŸŒ‘!:
+ Left side redesign: now the active chat is highlighted and the inactive ones are dark enough to be easily readable (Subtle transparencies in icons/etc included)
* Can’t go darker because of the shared properties 😐…
– Changed to a more subtle hover for minimize/maximize/close buttons
– Tray unreaded muted notifications are now in grey
– Redesigned spam/unreaded bar in chats
– Changed draft color again (too bright 🌞)

v0.3 (13/01/17)
– Changed text color in inactive chat & search
– Changed color for drafts
The darkness surround you 🌚:
+ Black has come on titlebar/Main menu/smileys-stickers-gif panel and many other places
+ Darker color bg for muted unread messages
+ Darker main background
+ Darker buttons
– Online text color in contacts changed to green
– Other color enhancements and fixes

v0.2 (12/01/17)
More green lemon in some buttons!
– New colors in multimedia/archives
– New bg in pinned message
– Some color fixes introduced on previous version πŸ˜…
– No more beta (b) or final (f) in versions πŸ€“

v0.1f (11/01/17)
New tiled background
– Delete channel/bots button restyled
– Chat icon in main green lemon!
– Chats data in pastel green
– Send confirmation in green
– Not readed messages in yellow
– Verified icon in electric blue
– Darker inactive buttons for minimize/maximize/close

v0.1b (05/01/17)
– Initial release πŸ‘€

Screenshots of all versions:

kap5ule tdesktop theme v0.1b kap5ule tdesktop theme v0.1f-v0.2 kap5ule tdesktop theme v0.3 kap5ule tdesktop theme v0.4 kap5ule tdesktop theme v0.5 kap5ule tdesktop theme v0.6