Flying Horse energy drink commercial

Brazilian energy drink brand Flying Horse has released an award winning commercial that simulates the recreation of Buttered cat paradox:

The paradox arises when one considers what would happen if one attached a piece of buttered toast (butter side up) to the back of a cat, then dropped the cat from a large height.
FCB Telegram desktop theme

FCB Telegram desktop theme

My fourth theme for Telegram desktop is based on the main colors of Futbol Club Barcelona soccer team (blue, garnet) and the Catalonia flag (yellow, red), a theme dedicated to all his followers/fans πŸ™ƒ, if you like it you can support us with a Paypal donation .

Changelog and downloads:

v0.4 (19/04/17)
– New background, shield is back πŸ€—!
– Fixed checkmark color in images
– Overlay selection in now in black
– Service message are now in yellow
– Styled new properties added by Telegram team in v1.0.26

v0.3 (06/03/17)
– Redesigned welcome screen
– Chat transparency
– Restyled selections
– Fixed archives/photo/video checkmarks
– Styled links

v0.2 (24/02/17)
– Dark date/unreaded messages
– Restyled some buttons
– Styled tooltip
– New BG, removed shield because theme can be selected for Telegram admins if have copyrighted content, you can download the wallpaper and put it as background manually
– Color enhancements

v0.1 (27/01/17)
– Initial release πŸ‘€

Dragon Ball: The Legendary Warrior (2017)

Dragon Ball: The Legendary Warrior is a live action teaser developed in order to accomplish the dream of making feature films based upon Akira Toriyama's manga/anime.

As a big fan i hope the creators of this short but great teaser have all the luck in the world, or at least, his work goes viral enough to wake the beast, everybody knows there is a lot of money behind the one of the most popular animes... The fail of Dragonball Evolution (2009) doesn't count, that was a fucking disaster made by noobs and needs to be buried till the end of times!.

Come on people of 20th Century Fox, try it again!