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kap5ule Telegram Android theme

Our official theme for Telegram is a dark black theme with powerful lemon (yellow) accents and some transparencies (ported from kap5ule Telegram desktop theme), if you like it you can support us with a Paypal donation .

Changelog and downloads:

v0.6 (18/03/17)
– Color fixes

v0.5 (04/03/17)
– Fixed dialog checkboxes, dialog text and sticker/gif selector (Thanks to kumpulanlinkadmin for the reports)
– Compressed background

v0.4 (28/02/17)
– Reverted service color to black
– Styled links and icons
– Other fixes

v0.3 (23/02/17)
– New background
– Transparencies in chats (There is no bug in Android version 😉)
– Reworked a lot of colors adjusting brightness for more usability
– Other changes: links, icons, compose area, service, bots and more…

v0.2 (21/02/17)
– Fixed: Chat date, Submenu text, down arrow (unread), other colors and transparencies.

v0.1 (21/02/17)
– Initial buggy release 👀

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