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The most hilarious bug on TF2 ever

He was let down that hard, that he will never trust anyone again.-Master Troll

This was for me the most hilarious bug in TF2 Invasion, i lol'd so hard trolling everyone 😂.

Of course, that was patched by Valve after second day of Invasion:
- Fixed generic bomb entities (in the Invasion maps) damaging teammates when shot with an arrow.

TDeskDroid (Telegram theme converter)

TDeskDroid: A Python script for convert a Telegram desktop theme (colors.tdesktop-theme file) into a Telegram Android theme (colors.attheme file).

Telegram themes are still not implemented in the current Android version, the feature is still in beta and is expected to be released in the next version (3.17).

Telegram v3.17 was released and themes for Android are here!.