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achromatic Telegram Android theme

The Android version of achromatic (free of color), a greyscale palette with just a few color exceptions for usability (verified/sending icon, cancel/delete/accept button text, Youtube play button, minimize/close buttons and code/nicknames/good/error texts are the only colored ones), if you like it you can support us with a Paypal donation .

Changelog and downloads:

v0.5.1 (12/02/18)
– Quick color fixes.

v0.5 (09/02/18)
– Styled saved messages
– Dimmed grey foreground color text for people with no avatar

v0.4 (30/09/17)
– Fixed: Color mark checkboxes (Example: Disk and network usage – Storage Usage – Clear Cache)
– Fixed: Checked radio background (Example: Calls – Use less data for calls)

v0.3 (05/04/17)
– New background
– Styled tooltips/links
– Chat transparencies and new shadows
– Restyled buttons
– Added new properties from Telegram team

v0.2 (02/03/17)
– New nick colors for big groups/channels
– New color/transparency when you download files
– Achromatic check marks/online/sending status
– Subtle min-max-close buttons
– Few color corrections

v0.1 (24/02/17)
– Initial buggy release πŸ‘€

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